lunes, noviembre 20, 2006

Squeak en Extremadura y la OLPC: Ejemplos contra las patentes de software.

Hace algún tiempo que anunciábamos el vídeo que La Junta de Extremadura había producido sobre el uso de Squeak en la región.

Este fin de semana me enteré de esta nota:

La nota no tiene desperdicios, pero me quedo con estos fragmentos:

I enjoyed personally from the video the little girl who said Squeak introduced her to computers and she found out she likes them. Is that not what education is supposed to do for children?”

... so programmers can work to create masterpieces like Squeak that benefit society.

What a concept. Benefit society. ”

Please think it over, everyone, and decide just how much damage you are willing to let software patents do, just to benefit a few companies, who by the way made their billions at a time when there were no software patents to get in *their* way, and at the expense of everyone else on the planet with them.

And please look at the Squeak video and the children's faces as they talk about Squeak before you decide.”